Complete Beginner’s Guide to Handstand EBOOK


Complete Beginner’s Guide to Handstand – 62 pages of drills and exercises for those of you who are starting their handstand journey or want to improve their technique, alignment and balance without a wall/spotter.


Content of this Ebook covers:

  • Warm-up Drills
  • Body Shape and Optimal Alignement for Handstands
  • Balance Drills and Strategies for Handstands
  • Entering and Bailing a Handstand
  • Working with Wall Supported and Free Standing Handstands
  • Stretching and Mobility for Handstands
  • Conditioning for Handstands 

    The Ebook will give you access to:

  • 68 Pictures with Detailed Instructions
  • 16 Intructional Videos
  • Access to FREE Movement Quality Commmunity Group on Facebook
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