6-Week Handstand Course for Beginners


  • Lifetime access to the course in the .pdf format – start whenever you want!
  • Weekly Training Programmes with video explanations to follow along!
  • Suitable even for a complete beginner who’s never done handstands before!

This course has been designed for everyone who’s still working on the wall handstands, wanting to make a safe transition into freestanding handstands.

The course is also suitable for those of you who are getting their first 10-20 second freestanding holds and want to start improving the consistency, duration and the alignment of your handstands.

The course includes weekly training programmes with videos and photos with all the main technical aspects of handstands explained. The course is coming with an extra 62-page theory Handstand Ebook (link to the ebook can be found on 6th page of the course) to help you understand how to approach and practice handstands even more thoroughly.

Content of this course covers:

  • Warm-up Drills
  • Body Shape and Optimal Alignment for Handstands
  • Balance Drills and Strategies for Handstands
  • Entering and Bailing a Handstand
  • Working with Wall Supported and Free Standing Handstands
  • Stretching and Mobility for Handstands
  • Conditioning for Handstands

Week by week breakdown of the course:

Week 1: Correct Body Shape for Handstands
Week 2: Wrist and Shoulder Balancing Techniques and Weight distribution in a Handstand
Week 3: Correct and Consistent Handstand Entry and Bailing Technique
Week 4: Chest to Wall handstand – working on strength and alignment
Week 5: Hell Pulls – balancing when falling over
Week 6: Toe Pulls – balancing when falling under

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