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Hey, I am Kuba 👋

My mission:


To help people improve their health and reconnect to themselves through embodied movement practices, strength and mobility training. We are human beings with complex emotional needs and ways of expressing ourselves physically and creatively through play and movement – I am here to help you navigate this space.

  • Coaching and teaching since 2013
  • Coached and taught over 2000 people
  • Led almost 200 in-person workshops internationally

My training background is in parkour/freerunning, and this is how I started my coaching and teaching journey more than a decade ago. These days I do a lot of different forms of movement such as climbing, slacklining, dancing, juggling, acrobatics and generally anything new that I find fun to explore and learn!

Strength training for women in Southampton with the use of bodyweight exercises


In my movement coaching business, I teach handstands, floorwork, soft acrobatics, calisthenics and help people improve their strength, flexibility and mobility with a sustainable and minimalistic training approach. This is only what happens on the outside when I work with my clients – what I actually do is help people find more joy through physical activities that are meaningful to them. At the core of my work are health, longevity, physical empowerment and connecting to what’s important and meaningful to the individual I work with.

I am based in Southampton, UK, where I teach on a 1:1 basis, and run weekly classes and weekend handstand and movement workshops in Southern England.

I hold a BSc degree in Applied Sport Science, I am a qualified personal trainer and a soft tissue therapist (AKA physio). I also attended various courses in counselling and Non-Violent Communication and I am passionate about helping people improve their mental health through reconnecting with their bodies and needs.

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