Handstands and Soft Acrobatics

Handstands and Soft Acrobatics

A lot of people come to me to learn handstands to help with their CrossFit, Pole Dance, Aerial Hoops, Aerial Silks, Acro Yoga and Yoga. If you’re into one of those disciplines, I will help you break down the handstand from the perspective of the activity that you practice to help you learn new skills, improve your performance and gain more confidence in your ability to be upside down.

Others feel inspired by the fitness level of their kids, grandkids, partners or just feel like they want to learn handstands in their 40s and 50s to bring more fun into their exercise routine and feel more capable. I help hundreds of people each year to learn handstands through my 1:1 coaching, handstand workshops and classes.

As you learn handstands I will also show you other acrobatic skills like headstands, rolls, cartwheels and backbends – things that can be a great addition to your handstand practice, but also will give you better body control, coordination and spatial awareness and give you more confidence in your ability to do new things safely!

Man doing gymnastics in Southampton - performing a back bend

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