Calisthenics is a type of training in which you use your own body to improve strength, flexibility and mobility. If you’re fed up with a traditional approach to gym training through the use of weights and machines, then you’ll find this way of training quite refreshing.

At the start of your calisthenics journey, we’ll focus on building a strong foundation – working towards first press ups, chin ups, and building a strong core, legs and shoulders – through well-rounded and progressive exercises you might have seen in yoga, pilates and gymnastics.

As you get stronger and more flexible, we’ll start using gymnastics rings, and work towards muscle ups, levers, arm balances, pistol squats, handstands and other cool skills. You will not only get much stronger but also do it in a more fun and engaging way while learning new skills that will make you feel more confident and capable!

Men doing calisthenics on gymnastics rings in Southampton

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