A touch of movement curiosity

What inspires you to move?

Picture this:

You’re out on a walk, spring has finally shown up in your neighbourhood, the sun is shining, and warm rays of the sun are hitting your face.

The smell of blossoming cherry trees hits your nostrils and you begin to smile. What a day.

Unless you’re in the UK – in this case, you’re shielding from the coastal wind, wearing a waterproof jacket, squinting your eyes and going on your stupid walk, for your stupid mental health.

How joyful. This better be worth it. At least you’re getting your daily steps in…

Jokes and the unique experience of British weather aside.

As you continue your walk, you see a bunch of teenagers jumping over railings, climbing walls and doing flips in your local park. This is quite an extraordinary view, but nothing completely unheard of these days.

You stop for a moment.

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself: ‘Wow, this is so cool. I could never do parkour, I am too old for this.’ It sparks something in you though.

A touch of curiosity, a sprinkle of inspiration, maybe an awkward feeling of self-consciousness.

When was the last time you saw someone do something physical that you found inspiring, impressive or simply cool?

Perhaps you’ve been to a climbing gym or seen some people doing calisthenics and handstands in a park.

Perhaps you went to a yoga class, CrossFit gym, local gymnastics club or an aerial class and saw some regulars displaying extraordinary feats of strength, coordination and flexibility.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do things like they do? Perhaps you’re feeling that this is not for you, that you’re not strong, not fit enough.

The overwhelming feeling of physical and existential pain creeps in.

But you know what?

This is a chance.

A chance to find your way into something new and fun, maybe a chance to make new friends and find your community – people like you, who once got inspired by seeing someone doing something cool.

Feed your curiosity, look up that funky fitness class, check that bouldering gym in your area, chat up that stranger slacklining in the park, go to your local gymnastics club and find out whether they have classes for adults.

If you’re looking to feel healthier and more fit – follow your curiosity, follow what inspires you.

You’re not too old to try new things. It’s not too silly to try something out of your comfort zone – it’s brave, and it will bring some freshness into your life.

Something you might find useful to ask yourself:

What were you drawn to as a kid?

What would you try if you knew nobody would judge you for doing it – no matter how bad you’d be at it?

What’s something new you’d like to try but haven’t found the courage to do it yet?

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share with me – drop a comment or send me a message – I am curious! 🙂

If you need help with finding something that you’re drawn to, drop me a message or schedule a discovery call if you’re curious about working with me or just want to chat about taking up a new activity and you’re not sure where to start!

– Kuba

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